Dear Friends,

the 18th Toru Giga Cup & Kendo Seminar & examinations is over!

We are very grateful to all senseis, who came to the Prague Kendo Cup as instructors and referees and especially Hiroshi Ozawa sensei (7th Dan Kyoshi), who led the event.

We would also like to thank all the participants! There were over 130 participants from 15 countries. Thank you very much for participating and we hope to see you next year!

Also thanks to all the volunteers from the Czech Kendo Federation who made the event possible!


The Kendo seminar was lead by Ozawa sensei. It lasted 3 days and consisted of 4 training sessions. We practiced Kendo kata, basics, some advanced techniques and also there was a lot of ji-geiko and uchikomigeiko/kakarigeiko. In each session we were divided in 4 groups (beginners without bogu, kyu grades, 1st & 2nd dan a 3rd dan and above) and each group was instructed by several senseis. After keiko we did jigeiko with all senseis and did some uchikomi/kakarigeiko in the end.


The exams were held on Saturday afternoon. Examinations were held from 1st Kyu up to 4th Dan. The jury was headed by Ozawa sensei. Congratulations to all successful candidates!

18th Toru Giga Prague Kendo Cup 2009

The international tournament was held on Sunday 20th September. There was a ladies tournament with 11 contestants and men's tournament with 69 competitors. The results are:


1. Karolina Grosiak (Poland)
2. Alina Gdeczyk (Poland)
3. Aleksandra WoŸniczka (Poland) & Jana Ziegelheimová (Czech R.)

Best fighting Spirit: Jana Ziegelheimová (Czech R.)

Tournament chart (Courtesy of Mr. Barany)


1. Szabolcs Gasparin (Hungary)
2. Rafal Jaœtak (Poland)
3. Borna Ban (Croatia) & Micha³ Kelm (Poland)

Best fighting Spirit: Luca Prayer (Austria)

Tournament chart (Courtesy of Mr. Barany)

Winners from each category recieved a special prize from EurKendo - 150€ voucher!

The event was supported by: