Senseis from Japan

  • Shigeki Yamanaka - 8 dan Hanshi
  • Hiroshi Ozawa - 8 dan Kyoshi
  • Kenichiro Hara - 7 dan Kyoshi
  • Shigeru Kawaguchi - 7 dan Kyoshi
  • Hideharu Meguro - 7 dan Kyoshi
  • Hisao Horiguchi - 7 dan

Senseis from Europe

  • Alain Ducarme - 7 dan
  • Wolfgang Demski - 7 dan Kyoshi
  • Jörg Potrafki - 7 dan
  • Dany Delepiere - 6 dan Renshi
  • Hiroshi Ito - 6 dan

We will update the list of european senseis as they confirm their invitation.



Location of the gym

Tatran Střešovice

Sibeliova 368/51

Praha 6 - Střešovice



Day  Event
Th   17:00 - 20:00 seminar
Fr 9:00 - 12:00 14:30 - 17:30 seminar
Sa 9:00 - 12:00 14:30 - 17:30 seminar, exams
Su 9:00 - 12:00 13:00 - 17:30 tournament


Exam fees

1. Kyu 200 CZK 250 CZK
1. Dan 10 EUR 15 EUR
2. Dan 15 EUR 25 EUR
3. Dan 25 EUR 40 EUR
4. Dan 40 EUR 60 EUR


Examination fees are to be paid on place at the registration desk in cash.


Registration fees - seminar

PriceDate of registration
1900 CZK If you register from 22/8 to 4/9
1700 CZK If you register from 8/8 to 21/8
1500 CZK If you register until 7/8


Youth (up to and including 15 years of age)

Youth have a cheaper seminar fee - 500 CZK.


Registration fees - tournament

All participants must be at least 15 years old.


Bank transfer 800 CZK 500 CZK
Cash 1000 CZK 700 CZK


Cancellation conditions

%Date of cancellation
0 until 31/7
30 until 21/8
50 until 4/9
100 after 4/9


Payment for seminar registration

Bank account of CKF at Česká Spořitelna

IBAN: CZ36 0800 0000 0019 6282 1349
Bank address: Ceska Sporitelna, Na Perstyne 1, 11121 Praha 1
Account owner: Czech Kendo Federation, Dvořištská 1244, 198 00 Praha 9 - Kyje

Put your identification (name of the dojo, city, etc.) into text field of the bank order and BRING THE TRANSFER RECEIPT WITH YOU so that your payment can be recognized during registration.

Please make sure, that all banking fees are charged on your side, otherwise you will be asked to pay the difference by cash during the registration on site.



This year we also accept paypal payment for registration. It will help you lower your banking fees for transaction to an acceptable level. For more information about paypal visit

For paypal payment use address "".
Please make sure you have selected "I will pay the fee" checkbox. Otherwise you will be asked to pay the difference by cash during the registation on site.
As payment identification, fill in the variable symbol from your registration to the subject field of Paypal payment "Email to recipient". All other information can be filled to the email body.



This year we are able to arrange accomodation in different price levels. If you select "Cheapest", it will be distributed according to the order by date of registration:


Accomodation fees are to be paid on place at the registration desk.


  1. Sleeping in Dojo: price 40 CZK/person/day (2 EUR) (limit 40 persons only)
  2. College hostel: price around 350 CZK/person/day (14 EUR) (2-4 persons per room, WC and shower shared for on each floor)

Earlier registration = higher chance to be accommodated on site.

Select "Normal" choice if you don't want to sleep in the dojo.

If you need more comfort, select "Pension" choice. You will receive an information email about surrounding pensions with contacts. You need to book your stay there directly yourself. Should any problems arise, we can assist you. The price is around 30 EUR/day. Rooms for 1 - 4 persons, wc and shower in each room.