EIC 2020 zrušeno

To all EKF Member Federations and ZNKR

Dear Friends,

The situation regarding the Coronavirus disease / COVID19 has been changing during the last months. While in May, when the EIC Rules were prepared, there seemed to be a turn to the better, this trend recently was reversed. Many countries, including Serbia, have faced backlashes after restrictions were lifted. The situation is uncertain for the months to come, to say the least, especially for international events and travelling.
In the EIC Pre-Entry, about half of Member Federations declared that they will not participate. Many of those who completed the pre-entry did it with reservations, and sometimes with reduced delegations. As consequence, the selection of Referees would be difficult both in numbers and in geographical balance. The Board also received several official letters of Member Federations pointing out to difficulties to organise a meaningful national team selection in the absence of national Championships and training seminars.

Consequently, the EKF BO, after the appropriate consultations with the host federation, had to take the decision for
CANCELLATION of the 27th European Iaido Championships (EIC)
Planned for Belgrade, October 31 – November 1, 2020,
including the attached exams for Iaido and Jodo.

We have great sympathy for the Serbian friends, who have put a lot of work and resources into the preparation of this event. We understand the disappointment of those who have prepared and planned for the tournament and exams. As much as we regret this decision, we have now no other choice.

We hope that the situation will improve and look forward to meeting you soon at the events we all cherish!

E. K. F. BO.