EKC 2020 zrušeno

Dear Friends,

The situation with regard the Coronavirus disease / COVID19 has been rapidly changing during the last days and not to the better. Countries to a different degree prohibited events, closed borders and universities, even schools. Travelling is restricted and airlines cancel flights large scale. The WHO as of today refers to a pandemic.

Most important, in the host country Norway, the event as of today was declared illegal. Consequently, the EKF BO, after the appropriate consultations with the host federation, had to take the decision for CANCELLATION of the 30. EKC 2020 in Kristiansand, Norway.

We have great sympathy for the Norwegian friends, who have put several years of work and lots of resources into this event. We understand the disappointment of those who have prepared and planned for the Championships. As much as we regret this decision, we have now no other choice.

Also, the dan examinations and the 2020 EKF General Assembly, planned for April 16, 2020, are cancelled. We will be in due time back with information on the GA. We hope that the situation will improve and look forward to meeting you soon at the events we all cherish! Note: • As accommodation was booked directly by participants / federations, you should ASAP take the necessary steps for cancellations. • Contact your airline with respect to air tickets, many airlines have adapted their cancellation / rebooking policies. • It is urgent to minimise the cost of cancellation for the participating federations and for the host federation. All other issues will be dealt with later. E. K. F. BO.