18WKC zrušeno


ač nerad musím Vám sdělit že 18 WKC plánované na rok 2021 ve Francii bylo zrušeno.

Tomáš Hoffmann | technický ředitel ČFK

Presidents of the FIK Affiliates,

I hope you and your colleagues are fine.
I would like to inform you that the following decision was made at the FIK Extraordinary Board
of Directors Meeting (BODM) held on February 5.
Decision: Cancellation of the 18th World Kendo Championships (18WKC)
(1) The French Kendo Federation (CNKDR), the organizer of the 18WKC, requested to
withdraw from the 18WKC for the following reasons.
 Financial difficulties due to the drastic decrease in the number of licences caused by the
COVID-19 and the drastic reduction of financial support from the French Judo Federation.
 The Grand Dome, which was to be the venue for 18WKC, would be sold by the end of this
year, and alternative facilities could not be found.
(2) Research and site selection by FIK Headquarters and Secretariat is not possible due to the
strict restrictions on international travel caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. There is no
prospect of alternative host countries and venues for 18WKC.
The 18WKC was originally scheduled to be held in Paris, France in May 2021 hosted by the
CNKDR, but was postponed due to the spread of the new coronavirus. It is with deep regret
that 18WKC itself has been cancelled due to the above reasons.
The 19WKC is planned to be held in 2024, but the candidate host country has not yet been
determined. FIK, with the cancellation of 18WKC, is planning to re-examine the various
conditions and re-open the call for 19WKC host candidates as soon as possible.
Sincerely yours,
Yukio SATO
Secretary General, FIK