EKF – Information on events planned in 2022

Dear Friends,

We hope this finds you well and you stay alert in the present situation. While we are aware of
the difficult situation across Europe still in the grip of the pandemic, we strongly believe that
we need to actively plan for the future and work for events to take place. Obviously, this all is
under a significant risk of last minute changes or even cancellations. However, our training has
likely taught us that the most dangerous thing is to passively wait for the opponent to strike. So
stay ready and prepare! Please consider the following information and act accordingly:

1. 30 EKF Referee Seminar 4.2. – 6.2.2022 in Brussels
For the pandemic situation, the seminar was reduced in scope to limit the number of people:

• Seasoned Referees from previous EKC are on a list of preselected Referees and
need not come for selection to Brussels!
• Those on the list for selection shall take part in the seminar!
• There will be no dan examination.
• There will be no Sayonara Dinner, safety of participants is priority!
• If there are questions, contact your federation or secretary@ekf-eu.com!

2. EKF General Assembly 2022
The EKF General Assembly will be held on 26.5.2022 in Frankfurt, invitation, agenda and ma-
terials will be sent in due time.

3. 31 EKC 2022 in Frankfurt 27. – 29.5.2022 and EKF General Assembly
Planning for the event is progressing, the Rules and Regulations shall be published soon! In the
present situation and given the short time to prepare, the circumstances for this event are unu-
sual. The estimated championship fee will be likely at EUR 175. Detailed instruction will fol-
low. The examinations may take place on Monday after the EKC.

4. Iaido High Level Seminar & 6/7 dan exam in Budapest 11.-12.6.2022
The Hungarian Federation has agreed to organize this event in Budapest. The presence of a
ZNKR Delegation for the examination is a prerequisite for the event.

5. Kendo High Level Seminar & 6/7 dan exam summer 2022
This is in the early stages of planning but seems to be the best chance given the experience of
the past two years with the pandemic. The seminar is planned end of July / beginning of August
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6. 20 EJC 2022.
The British Kendo Association has confirmed their candidature to organize this event, likely in
September 2022.

7. 29 EIC2022
There is no candidate for the event yet. The deadline for candidatures – needed for planning –
runs out soon! Interested federations please contact secretary@ekf.com!

8. Kendo High Level Seminar & 6/7 dan shinsa Autumn 2022.
Details will be announced in due time.
As the situation is changing constantly, please check out the information on the EKF website
(www.ekf-eu.com) and stay in contact with your national federations!

Thank you, stay healthy and do keiko as possible!
E. K. F. BO.