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Czech Kendo Federation is a voluntary organization of persons practicing, or supporting, Kendo, Iaido, Jodo and Naginatado. It was established in 1998. CKF is the only organization, affiliating the mentioned martial arts in CR. Main mission of CKF is development and propagation of affiliated martial arts, keeping their traditional etiquette and spirit, maintaining and cultivation of friendship and cooperation between is members as well as organization in other countries, and integration of the affiliated martial arts into national and international systems of physical culture.

CKF is a member of Czech Union of Martial Arts, through which it is incorporated in a structure of government-based sport organizations. CKF organizes seminars and tournaments with international as well as national attendance. CKF is also regular member of EKF and IKF, and its members regularly take part on European and World Championships.

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31březenvšechny dny02dubenNozomi taikai 2023iaidó

31březenvšechny dny02dubenNozomi taikai 2023iaidó

01duben10:0002(duben 2)13:00víkendové cvičení s panem Funabiki (6. dan kendó)

01dubenvšechny dnySeminář Kendó - Lyna Mazziz

22dubenvšechny dny23Mini Muga cup 2023kendó

09červenvšechny dny1120. ročník Poháru Sacukikendó

23zářívšechny dny24ShinBuKan IAIDO seminář a taikai